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Monday, June 14, 2010

There's a Method to My Madness

So, here's a fun little trivial fact about MADE BY MAGGIE designs. I ALWAYS design a necklace so that the clasp should be in your left hand. NOT SURE WHY I DO THIS. But I like to be consistent. And, Sometimes you can't tell whether there is a front or back to a design, and almost always there is! Maybe it's the way the charms fall, or a pretty shine, etc. But there is always a way I think a necklace looks best, And I design things so that if you are putting a necklace on, the clasp should be in your left hand, with the ring in your right.

If by chance you happen to have a MADE BY MAGGIE design where you think it looks better if the clasp is in your right hand, well, you may have a rare design that i made in the wee hours of the morning and i wasn't paying close attention... Or from before I decided that it should always be on the left. REGARDLESS, you should consider yourself lucky becuase when I am gone and my designs become collectors items, yours will likely be more VALUABLE. I'd make sure you hang on to that one ;)

SO, when in doubt, clasp to the left. Guess it's the right handed-ness in me. just makes more sense in my crazy brain.

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