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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hi there friends, family and jewelry lovers!
Quick update of what's going on at Made by Maggie:

* Summer sale in my ETSY jewelry shop, 20% off all items ends Monday July 5th

* JUNE 30th, TODAY! Last day to enter the FACEBOOK giveaway. See FB fanpage for details.

* And finally...There is a new collection in the process! I love to ask all my lady friends what they love about jewelry because that's what I want to give to you! After a lot of requests and brainstorming, I am currently working on a very versatile collection, which will include layered chains/necklaces/bracelets that can be worn long, doubled, alone or together. FUN FUN! Can't wait to reveal it...

BUT...Gotta get into this new house first! Things are really busy as we are moving into our new home next week. Mama is super excited to announce that there are enough bedrooms, and not enough kids, yet...that I will have my own PRIVATE BEADING STUDIO. Yay! peaceful retreat.

Love to you all, hope you're having a wonderful summer! M

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


All items in my Etsy shop have been reduced 20%, prices are already reflected. THIS WEEK ONLY! yaaaaay, summer! MADE BY MAGGIE JEWELRY DESIGNS

Monday, June 14, 2010

There's a Method to My Madness

So, here's a fun little trivial fact about MADE BY MAGGIE designs. I ALWAYS design a necklace so that the clasp should be in your left hand. NOT SURE WHY I DO THIS. But I like to be consistent. And, Sometimes you can't tell whether there is a front or back to a design, and almost always there is! Maybe it's the way the charms fall, or a pretty shine, etc. But there is always a way I think a necklace looks best, And I design things so that if you are putting a necklace on, the clasp should be in your left hand, with the ring in your right.

If by chance you happen to have a MADE BY MAGGIE design where you think it looks better if the clasp is in your right hand, well, you may have a rare design that i made in the wee hours of the morning and i wasn't paying close attention... Or from before I decided that it should always be on the left. REGARDLESS, you should consider yourself lucky becuase when I am gone and my designs become collectors items, yours will likely be more VALUABLE. I'd make sure you hang on to that one ;)

SO, when in doubt, clasp to the left. Guess it's the right handed-ness in me. just makes more sense in my crazy brain.